What You Need to Know About Preroll Packaging

If you are running a cannabis business, there are several aspects of marketing you should be aware of. While you do need to promote your business by word of mouth, signage and a strong social media presence whether your business is online or you have a brick and mortar location. The way you package your cannabis can also make a huge impact on your marketing success. Since more adults are using cannabis for health issues such as alleviating depression and anxiety and managing pain, it is important to package the cannabis so that children are not able to tamper with the cannabis, since kids can ingest or use the cannabis in unsafe ways. After all, your customers need to know that you are committed to both quality and visual appeal. Not only can you use packaging to promote your business, you can also use preroll packaging to preserve the integrity and keep it fresh during shipping.

When you use preroll packaging you will have an opportunity to showcase the strain varieties you are selling. This enhances the overall customer experience and makes your products immediately recognizable. Even though you are using packaging to make it impossible for children to open, you should use protective coverings that are convenient for adult users and designed to preserve the integrity of the flowers. Be sure that you are in compliance when it comes to pre-rolls. This will make your company significant in the industry and allow you to stay competitive. It is becoming unacceptable to simply put marijuana cigarettes in a box and present them to customers. The box, which was traditionally the way to package cannabis, also releases the smell of the flowers, which is not ideal for people who want to use cannabis products discreetly. When you meet ASTM standards and still provide packaging that is visually appealing, your customers are more likely to be loyal to your brand.  Working with a company that provides unique solutions for packaging is essential if you want to continue to be a leading business in the cannabis industry.

Once a packaging company completely understands your brand’s “voice,” you will work with a team of expert designers who will come up with a strategy to make sure your entire product experience is enjoyable for customers.  Be sure to work with a network of product manufacturers so the professional team can span all materials and recommend packaging accessories you may not have considered. You will have a chance to showcase your creativity with preroll packaging and you’ll also need to make sure you stay within the budget so that you will stay in the black while presenting your packaging to customers. For instance, there are several ways to add color and even texture to pre-roll packaging to boost brand recognition.

Keep in mind the vaporizers and extracts also present you with a great opportunity to package your products in eye-catching and exciting ways. When you work with an expert design team, you will get all the information you need to make packaging that is both safe and convenient, so you will have a competitive edge in the cannabis industry.

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