Miss Universe – From 1952 to 1959

1950s-The Golden Years!

1952 – Armi Kuusela (Finland)

Without precedent for history, the host Olympic nation the Games of the fifteenth Olympiad were held at Helsinki in 1952- – earned the widespread trophy as Armi Kuusela triumphed in the main yearly challenge on July 28, 1952. Regardless of not being viewed as one of the overwhelming top picks, among 30 passages, she turned into the principal Miss Universe – the world’s most outstanding excellence challenge – at Long Beach, CA. Meanwhile, Miss Kuusela was among the national icons from Finland, for example, Paavo Nurmi, Harry Larva and Hannes Kolehmainen. Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers

1953 – Christiane Martel (France)

France has won commendation for its pretty young ladies. A proof of this happened in July 1953 when Christiane Martel – regularly alluded to as a standout amongst the most wonderful rulers in Miss Universe history-put France on the world guide subsequent to being delegated Miss Universe by active ruler Armi Kuusela from Finland. Miss France 1953 was chosen Miss Universe from a field of 26 passages. Truth be told, her success at Long Beach, propelled a few ladies to take part in the yearly expo. She was the second local of Europe to win the occasion. Surely one can’t examine on Miss Universe without paying respect to Christian Martel.

1954 – Miriam Stevenson (SCarolina/America)

In a significant triumph that appeared to be troublesome a couple of years sooner, Miss United States of America, Miriam Stevenson, a blonde from Winnsboro (South Carolina), caught the title, in the wake of beating other 33 national passages at Long Beach. USA had encountered a leap forward year in 1953 when Mirna Rae Hansen, a local of Chicago (Illinois), verged on winning the title. The new victor was delegated by a year ago’s champ, Christiane Martel from France. Be that as it may, that was not all, obviously. After wearing the crown, Miss Stevenson turned into the main North American glamorous lady to win a worldwide exhibition ever. She is one of South Carolina’s best-realized excellent young ladies nearby names like Shawn Weatherly and Lu Parker.

1955 – Hillevi Rombin (Sweden)

Regardless of her underlying fame and individual allure, the most loved Maribel Arrieta, who had been contrasted in her appearance and American performer Marilyn Monroe, did not win the trophy. Shockingly, the judges picked Hillevi Rombin of Sweden. In a standout amongst the most vital finals, Miss Sweden, Hillevi Rombin, was delegated MU subsequent to crushing El Salvador’s Maribel Arrieta Gálvez. Indeed, Sweden had its brilliant age during the 50s. A year prior, the Scandinavian country had completed among the best five in the challenge.

1956 – Carol Morris (Iowa/America)

After a disillusioning support in 1955, USA left a mark on the world in 1956 as Carol Morris, satisfied her popularity like a standout amongst the most dazzling young ladies on the planet after getting to be Miss Universe, an occasion which a few Americans viewed as their claim. Miss Morris effectively merged America’s arrival to MU title. She was the second U.S lady to win the title in the challenge’s 5-year history. She, who hails from Otturnwa (Iowa), had been handpicked by a striking worldwide jury, among them Max Factor and Dorothy Kirsten.

1957 – Gladys Zender (Peru)

Peru came to world consideration when its national agent, Gladys Zender, grabbed the title. Zender’s success finished North Atlantic’s five-year control of Miss Universe. In the mean time, around then, a Peruvian paper gave a whole page in the fundamental area of the paper to Miss Zender. She was the principal lady from her locale, Latin America, to win the world honor. After winning the honor, she gave her first universal discourse and accepted the job of “Represetative of the world” visiting a large group of urban communities in Latin America, Europe and the States. Then again, Peru’s Zender has safeguarded her picture as a standout amongst the most regarded Miss Universes ever.

1958 – Luz Marina Zuluaga (Colombia)

The judges picked a generally obscure glamorous lady of Colombia, Luz Maria Zuluaga, as Miss Universe. Upon her unexpected success, Colombia for all intents and purposes announced Zuluaga a “national fortune”. Incomprehensibly, she came in second spot to Miss Antioquia, Doris Gil de Santamaria, at the 1957 Miss Colombia Pageant. In any case, Gil de Santamaria repudiated her crown and was supplanted by Zuluaga. She was chosen Miss Universe from a field of 36 sections. Over the span of her rule, she changed her living arrangement by America, yet did not changed her adoration for Colombia, among the most regarded majority rule governments in the creating scene since the late 50s. Today couple of Colombians will overlook Zuluaga’s success.

1959 – Akiko Kojima (Japan)

Miss Japan, Akiko Kojima, pulled off one of the best surprises in Miss Universe history as she, who functioned as a model in Tokyo, caught the title in the late 1950s. From that point forward, Kojima’s accomplishment was hailed as a success for Asia. Regardless, Kojima’s triumph was not generally welcomed in Italy. While Japan commended her success, at Rome there were challenges the outcomes after Italy’s competitor Maria Grazia Buccella – the most loved at the eighth Miss Universe Beauty Pageant-had been disposed of in the first round. Positively, Japan had “hurt the pride of Italy”, home to a large group of incredible marvels, for example, Gina Lollobrigida and Sofia Loren. Miss Kojima was conceived on October 29, 1936 in the capital city of Japan.

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